Ryan and I escaped this last weekend for our Babymoon. For those of you not up on the current pre-baby practices, a babymoon is a bit like a honeymoon - the last chance for a couple to get away and enjoy some alone time before their lives change dramatically. Sounds good, right? Well, on the recommendation of friends, we booked ourselves for 2 nights at The Getaway, a quaint one-room cottage perched on a cliff overlooking the beach in Manzanita. It was heaven! We pretty much spent the entire time in our pj's, snuggled on the couch, looking out the picture windows and reading/knitting. But, rather than blathering on and on, why don't I just show you pictures?

Saturday Afternoon:


This pretty bird visited on Sunday morning. Any of my bird enthusiasts know what it is?

We realized later that this was technically Baby Bee's second trip to the beach. This was the first.

Monday Morning:

The view from our window.


  1. Oh on earth did I miss that you are pregnant!
    Congratulations and best wishes to you guys :)
    And wow, a babymoon sounds amazing....;)


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