38 Years

Today is the 38th Anniversary of the passage of Roe V. Wade. Reproductive Choice is a cause that has long been very close to my heart. I firmly believe that access to basic health care, including the full scope of reproductive care, is a basic right. Furthermore, I sincerely feel that denying these rights/access to care acts as a tool to keep women of all races and socio-economic classes in positions of inequality. In light of my beliefs, this last round of elections and the immediate onslaught of anti-choice legislation being introduced in the Congress, has left me heart broken. The sense of injustice and frustration I feel, when I allow myself to really think about it, chokes me and brings tears to my eyes.

As I get ready to bring my own baby into this world, I am reminded even more of the importance of access to affordable healthcare - which must include safe and affordable access to abortion.

If you would like more information about the current fight for reproductive choice:
  • And here's a very thoughtful essay on today's anniversary.


  1. nicely done, baby... we are so lucky to be ready, willing and able to care for our soon-to-be babybee. here's a prayer for all those who lack access to the care they need. we'll never go back, and we'll fight as long and hard as we have to to protect our rights.


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