Maternity Clothes, Round 1

So, um, sorry about the long silence. I had planned to be back much, much sooner than this. I had intended to wish you all the very best for your holidays. But, then I got so caught up in my intense work schedule that there really was nothing extra in me... Now things are returning to bits of normal and I've got so very much to share with you!

Remember when I took one of Ryan's abandoned shirts last summer and turned it into a cute little sun-top for myself? Well, my first round of maternity sewing also involved the transformation of several of Ryan's shirts. I should say right up front that the inspiration for these came from here. (Thanks, Megan!) These projects were all done in essentially the same way and worked up really fast - a blessing during a period when I was extremely short on time but need to get some sewing done! Also, if you're wondering why I would make elbow-length sleeves for shirts I'm planning to wear through a winter pregnancy, Ryan keeps busting out the right elbow of his work shirts. He's not sure how it happens, but I'm thinking that he's sneaking back to the file room to arm wrestle with the guys... Without further ado, here are my 1st four maternity projects!


This shirt has been in my alterations pile for years. It had an unfortunate and stubborn stain on the button band, which turned out to be easy enough to cover using a patch made from a piece of the pocket I removed. After that, I just added elastic under my bust by zig-zagging it directly onto the fabric - no casing to screw with!

There are so many layering options, but one of the coziest is this long jacket I crocheted several years ago. Sorry about the funny color in these two shots, but I took the pictures in the evening, after the light was gone...


Like Frost, this was created with the simple addition of elastic under the bust. Also, I removed the pockets, cut off the sleeves at the elbows, turned the hem up to create a casing, and threaded through some elastic. Voila!

I really like this particular top with this vest I knit a while back...


I did a little more work on this one. The sateen at the inside of the collar was a bit worse for the wear, so I removed the collar and added some black velveteen piping, picked up at Bolt, around the edge of the collar stand. The shirt seemed to still be missing something, so I also added some elastic velvet trim under the bust for this shot. Since taking the photo, I've bought regular velvet ribbon to just wrap under the bust and tie in a bow, which is even cuter. Love this top with my stretchy (!) black velveteen pants. Now, I just need a party to attend!


Last, but not least, the fabulous Plum. I've always loved this shirt. Ryan picked it, and the silver one, out by himself. I was blown away. Who knew? Anyway, once they were too worn for him to continue wearing to the office, I snapped them right up!

I put this little outfit together for a shift at Close Knit. The sweater is a hand-me-down from Alexis, but I knit the hat! (More info here.) Oh, and many thanks to Adrienne for helping me get these last couple of shots!

Finally, I thought I'd show you what I wore to Ryan's office Christmas Party. This was the next day or the day after, so my hair & makeup aren't party-ready, but we were in such a hurry to get out the door that evening that I forgot to stop and take pictures!

The pants are the wide-legged stretchy black velveteen ones you saw above. They've been in my collection for years and years and years. The satin bustier was a gift from Alexis for my 30th birthday. I've got to admit that my now fuller bustline really improves the fit! The shrug is also from my 30th birthday. I knit it especially for the occasion, details here, and it just happened to look great with the bustier!

After Lex found the bustier, she made this lovely necklace to wear with it. She also made a sweet little pair of drop earrings, but I forgot to take a picture of those - oops!

Ok, so that's a little peek at some of what I've been up to during the odd moments when I wasn't working over the holiday season. I have lots more to show you over the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned. I promise not to keep you waiting!

P.S. I almost forgot to mention that I put up a new header, so check it out!


  1. Sorry, messed up the post. Anyway...the rehabbed shirts turned out very cute. They look like they will last a little while. What a good idea for maternity clothes!

  2. Absolutely adorable! You look amazing!


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