Kitchen Gnomes!!!

Have you seen these? Aren't they just the cutest? Leave it to Hilary to come up with such a sweet design...

Some of my embroidered kitchen towels are starting to look a little - exhausted. And why shouldn't they? I made them almost 10 years ago! You'd be exhausted, too, after almost 10 years of service - 10 years without a dishwasher to share the work. Maybe I can squeeze these in, between all of the baby projects. What do you think?

If you aren't already following Hilary's wonderful blog, you should. She's fantastic. While you're visiting, check out her freebies and her patterns 4 sale. I dare you to not be completely smitten!


  1. How cute are those little gnomies! Glad to see you back at the keyboard and blogging again. I have missed reading about your creativity.


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