Cape Lookout, Day 1

Finally, the long-promised camping photos. We took our trip to Cape Lookout, in Tillamook County, and stayed at the State Park campsite. Once we got our site set-up, we took a walk to the beach. If you don't already know. beaches in Oregon have the reputation for being pretty moody. Cape Lookout lived up to the reputation. There is certainly more romance and mystery, I think, to a beach clouded with mist than a beach cluttered with sunbathers. On the way to the beach entrance, we spotted this little guy. There were chipmunks all over the campgrounds. They kept us entertained at the campsite all weekend. I'll let you enjoy the rest of the photos without commentary.

After our walk, we headed back to camp, where Ryan chopped wood for our fire. (Look at him go!) The rest of the evening was spent in close proximity to the fire. We headed to bed early, we had big plans for the next day. More on that tomorrow...


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