I can't believe it's already been a week, but last Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of attending a book signing at Powell's. The author featured was the lovely and talented local blogger, designer and artist, Alicia Paulson. She is absolutely as charming in person as on her blog. Alicia's first book, pictured above, was fantastic.

Her second is equally good - just stuffed full of beautiful needlework projects. Alicia covers several embroidery techniques and her projects really runs the gamut from sweet and simple to intricate and traditional.

Alicia brought many of the samples from her book, all of which were beautifully embroidered and finished. Did I mention how extremely talented she is? Oh, and though I didn't get a snap of them, she also brought along a tray of homemade deep-dark chocolate cupcakes topped with cloudburst frosting and fresh blackberries. You can get her recipes here. Isn't that incredible sweet of her?

A closer, slightly blurry (sorry!), look at her samples. I was slightly tempted to scoop them all up and make a run for it. I resisted. But it was a close one.

Oh, and have I already mentioned the completely adorable dress she wore? Here it is. The sailboats on the skirt are embroidered, of course. She got it from this site, which has so many amazing dresses. And they are so very reasonably priced! I may have to indulge in one of their frocks for myself!

I brought along my copy of Stitched in Time and picked up a copy of Embroidery Companion and had a lovely chat with Alicia while she signed them for me. You can get a signed copy for yourself through Alicia's website, or unsigned copies from Powell's or just about any other online book retailer.


  1. So nice things! These books seems to be interesting. Are you going to make some broderie yourself ?

  2. I adore Alicia, her blog, her dog, her hubby, and just everything having to do with her! What a great event!

  3. How lovely that sounds - I have both books and so wished I could have gone to the signing so thank you for sharing some details :)


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