Sultry Silk Flowers

I recently completed this lovely little project, Lapel Pins by Leigh Radford. The "yarn" is Silk Gelato in blueberry - Yum! - purchased at Close Knit. The centers are made from Clover Wool Roving in Moss Green, picked up at Twisted, and embroidered with good ol' DMC floss. Can I just tell you how much I loved this?!

It was a snap to crochet the flowers, which were then washed and left to air dry. After, I sewed a felt circle to the back of each to make a stable backing, and then needle felted and embroidered the centers. Finally, a pin was attached to each. The washing really gave them the absolute best texture. I want to wear them every day...


  1. The color is gorgeous! We'll have to add these to our list!

  2. Very interesting project! When I clicked the pic bigger it came out how very beautiful this broche is! Congratulations to this work! Greetings

  3. I like the color its simply beautiful nice project. Keep posting!



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