Cape Lookout, Saturday

On Saturday we went for two hikes. The first was a short little jaunt to a nearby creek bed. The Park service has recently undertaken to restore the creek and make it more salmon-friendly. Apparently in the spring it's full of water and young salmon, but we were able to walk along the dry bottom during our visit. The trail was full of sweet little flowers and magic spaces. (I think that if you click on some of these photos, they will open in a larger window.)

Before heading out on our next hike, we visited the beach again, where we saw this handsome fella struttin' his stuff.

Our next hike was 5 miles-round trip along the top of the cape. We drove a couple of miles to the trail head, gaining quite a bit of elevation along the way. It was a stunning hike, and not easy. There were shear drop-offs along the edge of the path. I tripped at one point on the way back, and Ryan nearly had a heart-attack. Oops! Oh, and the path alternated between being dry and rocky and wet and muddy. Nevertheless, as you'll see, the views were stunning. I had a tough time choosing which ones to share.

After the hike, while I went off to take a shower, Ryan spotted this visitor to our camp site taking a shower of her own. Ice had frozen around our evenings dinner, so we set it out on the picnic table bench to thaw a bit. As it did so, water dripped down to create the perfect bird-size shower!


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