The last day of our trip, we started with another morning walk along the beach. After packing everything up, we headed towards home. Before going to far, though, we stopped in Tillamook. At the Cheese Factory. It was huge, and it was mobbed.

We spent some time looking through the viewing window down at workers - ahem - cutting cheese and weighing the blocks. More interesting than you might think. Then, we checked out some of the history of the factory. We particularly liked the display of advertising campaigns.

"Good Eating on Your Ration Points."

"At last... a man's salad." (Top, right)

"I wouldn't be caught dead with a cheddar under two years old."

Ryan had to get a closer look at the knights jousting with the cow.

After peeking at the past, we enjoyed some Tillamook Ice Cream - boy, do they have a system! - and strolled through the gift shops. There was one shop dedicated entirely to food, and another to tacky knick knacks, t-shirts, etc. Delightful. We decided to get out of the masses of people before the calm and peace of camping was totally undone.

Have a good weekend. I'll be back next week with more adventures, and another sewing project.


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