Tree Trimming

It has been our tradition the last few years to get our Christmas tree Thanksgiving weekend. I've insisted upon a Douglas Fir every year - they are not only so pretty with branches full of long, soft needles, but they also smell divine. Like evergreens and oranges.

Another tradition is to purchase a few ornaments each year. This is the first in a series of three, made from Alicia's Ice Skating Afternoon Kit. The kit was purchased last for last Christmas, but were only started & finished in the last few weeks. First up is this charming cup of Hot Cocoa. Don't you just love the marshmallow floating on top?

Next up is this sweet little Gingerbread Girl. She took the most work, but was SO worth it!

And look, from the back you see the ties of her apron! Doesn't Alicia think of everything? Her patterns and kits are so thoughtful... She's done another kit this year, called "Walk in the Woods", which is next on my holiday "To-Do" list. I'll show you those, when they're finished.

Last in the series is the Ice Skate. Isn't it beautiful? The pom pom just kills me. I've never actually taken to ice skating, myself. The cold, the sore ankles, and my total lack of balance are all strikes against adding ice skating to my list of hobbies. However, the nostalgic picture that comes to mind is really hard to resist.

Here I am, adding one of the last ornaments, before the tree topper and Victorian Tinsel. I love my Victorian Tinsel. Having kitties makes regular tinsel out of the question, but the Victorian Tinsel is safe and sparkly substitute. We got ours from Signals several years ago.

And last, but not least, is Ryan with his favorite ornament - a miniature Yukon Cornelius.

Back with more holiday goodness later!


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