Christmas is only 10 days away. My Mom flies in tomorrow, to be followed by my dad next Wednesday. I have a million things to do. I haven't even begun to clean the house. (I reason that it's best to leave the cleaning to very last. That way there is an outside chance that the cat-hair might still be somewhat under control when we get back from the airport. Doubtful, but that's what I'm going with!) Of course, knowing full well that I don't feel at all prepared, I spent most of the morning doing things that weren't even on the list. Procrastination is a fine, fine art.

In my defense, I had a very, very full weekend. There was gift making, a trip to Crafty Wonderland's holiday bonanza, more gift-making, grocery shopping, and yet more gift making... You get the picture. I want to share, however, the start of the weekend.

Saturday started off, in the very best of ways, with brunch. Ryan, Lex and I headed over to SE Portland to try out a new restaurant called "Slappy Cakes," where you make your own pancakes at a griddle built right into the table. Yup, you read that right, and I'll bet you're jealous! Ryan found it through the Portland Mercury's MercPerks section. We had a blast! Lex tried the buttermilk pancakes, Ryan the pumpkin, and I had gluten-free. As sides/toppings to our pancakes, Lex had blueberries (which she shared with me), Ryan had chocolate chips, and I had lavender honey and lemon curd. We also indulged in the house-made raspberry syrup. SO GOOD!

Here are a few photos...

Blood Orange Mimosa - Yum!

Lex is gonna make a pancake "This BIG!"

SO excited!

Getting down to business...

This is harder than it looks!


All done!


  1. NO WAY. Where in SE? I am most definitely going. Have you been to the waffle window yet? AMAZING.

  2. It's on Belmont, and you should TOTALLY go. So much fun... Nope, haven't been to the waffle window, but I have been to Flavor Spot!

  3. that is super exciting, b and I have wanted to try that restaurant, with your pics and review I think it might be on our next breakfast spot rotation.... yummm


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