Christmas Countdown

I thought that I'd share a project you may have noticed in the background of last post's photos. It's our Christmas Countdown Calendar. The pattern came from Jenny B. Harris over at Allsorts. (Btw, she very generously offers the patterns for free!)

Last year I embroidered and stitched the pockets, then sewed them onto lengths of grosgrain ribbon to form the garland. I've used different colored buttons to fasten each pocket, to go with the different colors of ribbon. I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out, though when empty, the pockets are a bit tipsy. I can't decide if I should try and fix it. Or maybe, if I got tipsy myself, the pockets might look straight! Hmmm...

This year, I finished the crowning touch, the star. I'm quite proud of the bow I fashioned. Yeah, I know it's kinda lame to be so excited about a bow, but what can I say? That's how I roll.


  1. You need to start making some fun things to send to me! I wish I was crafty/artistic/talented/anything!


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