A Snowy Surprise

Yesterday, Portland was caught completely by surprise by a little snow storm. I'd spent the morning snuggled on the couch, trying to head off a cold, and working on the last of the Walk in the Woods ornaments. And then, looking out the window, I saw huge, wet clumps of snow falling out of the sky. And they kept coming, and kept coming. Finally, I could no longer stand it. I threw on my thermals and boots, bundled up well, grabbed the camera, and headed outside. Here's a bit of what I saw:

To see more photos, please visit my photostream on Flickr.

By the end of today, the snow was almost completely gone, which is really nice. Also almost gone...2009. I can hardly believe it. Hopefully you have all had a wonderful holiday season. I'll return next week with some details from our celebrations and peeks at some of the gifts I made on my own or in collaboration.

Finally, tomorrow MIZZOU plays against Navy in the Texas Bowl. MIZ-ZOU! Go TIGERS!


  1. Those photos are absolutely magical, and omg girl I have been meaning to write to you for WEEEEEEKS. Shall we have coffee in January and trade movie lists? I need some R&R movies to get me through until spring, I swear. xo


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