Pumpkin Time!

Have I mentioned that fall is my favorite season? Well, I think it is. Catch me in spring when the crocus start popping up and we get our first breaks from winter weather, and I'll probably tell you that spring is my favorite. And, when we're busy taking camping trips, shopping at the Farmer's Market and enjoying Farm Concerts and a surplus of berries and peaches and melon, I'll tell you that summer is my favorite. So perhaps I'm fickle... But right now it's fall, the season of my birth... a time to prepare for the bustle of the holidays and the quiet of winter... a time for Pumpkins!

A couple of weeks ago, Farmer Don held his annual Harvest Hoe Down. We met up with many of our favorite people and enjoyed food (roasted corn and caramel apples!), music, hayrides and a HUGE bonfire. (Wish I had pictures for you, but I was too busy having fun...) Unfortunately, the light didn't last long enough for us to pick out our pumpkins, as planned.

So, the next day, Ryan picked me up from work and we returned to the farm and the pumpkin patch. Ryan went for a multi-colored pumpkin. Maybe because it matched his hoodie?

Next, we found the perfect pumpkin for Baby Bee. Isn't it cute?

Aren't those purple corn stalks amazing? I think it's Indian Corn.

My favorite pumpkins are the Cinderella Pumpkins. I love the shape and the deep reddish orange tones of the shell. Plus, you know, they're named after Cinderella...

Finally, we found my perfect pumpkin... And wasn't it clever of me to wear blue so that the oranges would really stand out?

We don't really get into the whole carving thing at our house, so our little family of pumpkins will decorate the front porch through Thanksgiving. After that, we might try roasting mine and making it into a pie or muffins or a cake, as I just read the Cinderella Pumpkins make good puree. Mmmm...


  1. You always wear blue! You're addicted to it...but we'll go with you planned that one...:) Lex!


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