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Hi, All! In case you were wondering, I have not fallen into a black hole. Sometimes it feels a bit like I have, but I haven't. Our usual busy has been even busier lately. I know I keep promising photos of some of my many projects and haven't made good. Part of the problem has been a glut of cloudy weather which makes taking photos in our poorly lit apartment a little challenging. Ah, well, it will get done...eventually. In the meantime, I've a couple things to share.
  • My Morse Code blouse was featured over on the Bolt Blog! I feel like a rock star! Ok, It's just a little mention, but still...
  • Speaking of Bolt, I won their August fabric giveaway! I won the Joel Dewberry fabrics, which are so pretty in person. The picture on the blog really doesn't capture their charm. I have them stacked in easy reach so that I can gaze at them while waiting for inspiration to strike. Thanks, Gina!
  • I have started a second job! Does that sound a little nuts? Well, wait 'till you hear where I'm working... At Close Knit!!!! Yup, my favorite-ist PDX yarn store! Really, between the two jobs, I'm kinda living in a dream! And did you know that Close Knit is right next door to Bolt and to Pine State Biscuits? Just sayin'...
  • I just realized that my Little Engineer Dress, from this post, looks cute with gray leggings. You would think that the gray stripes in the dress would've tipped me off sooner. The dress looks so sweet with my favorite brown boots, but brown leggings - ack! I was afraid that I'd be shivering my way through autumn when finally, through my frustration, the lightbulb went on. Why do such things sometimes seem so hard?
So, I guess I'll wrap up here. (And I do mean wrap up - it's cold in here!) No pictures this post, but hey. It happens. I hope everyone has wonderful things planned for their weekends. Leave me a comment and let me know what you're up to! And I'll try to be a better blogger. 'Cause really, there is so much to share!


  1. That is surely fun to have a job in the favourite yarnshop...

  2. Hi!
    Just saw you on the bolt blog - CUTE! How are you friend? I've fallen in the black hole for sure ;)

  3. My weekend was spent with quilting friends at a retreat center in Kinderhook, IL. Is there anything better than spending 4 days doing exactly what you want with people you really enjoy?

    How cool is that being posted on somebody elses blog?!

  4. Terribly jealous about your job at Close Knit. I don't make it there often, but when I do, I am utterly in love. Good luck, and have fun!



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