There Was A Birthday

(Her hair isn't actually that red. Her eyes are that blue.)

She turned one.

We all survived this difficult, yet absolutely delightful, first year.

We had a ton of help. Thank you!

(It was his birthday, too!)

Everything is changed, of course.

I am learning so many different kinds of patience,
while living my life at the pace of a 1-yr-old.

So many things can wait - I'm not gonna miss a moment
of this amazing little spirit who has brought so much to our lives.

Hope to see you again sooner than later.

*Pictures taken by Dylan's Aunties on their phones. I have no idea which Aunty took which pictures...


  1. Glad to hear everyone is alive and well! Congrats on surviving year one! It only gets better!

    1. Thank you for your kind words - Surviving is right!

  2. Oh Dylan I can't wait to meet you!


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