Baby Owl Shower

Hi! Long time no see!!! I've missed you all, but haven't been able to tear myself away from our Little Miss... We have so much catching-up to do! Before we move forward, though, I need to backtrack a little and tell you about the third baby shower - the Baby Owl Shower.

The Baby Owl shower was given to me by the lovely ladies at Close Knit. Jenni hosted us all in her absolutely beautiful home. We just squeaked this one in - Dylan arrived only a week & 1/2 after the shower! So, why baby owls? Well, around New Year's I compiled a two page long list of projects to knit for Bee. On the list was a group of "Forest Friends" by Susan B. Anderson featured in this issue of Knit Simple. Knowing that I already had a crazy list, the girls asked what they could knit for us. Weren't they sweet? Well, as much as I really wanted the forest friends, I knew I just wouldn't get to them. When it came time to choose projects, everyone loved the Little Owls best! Come meet them:

This little guy was made by Adrienne.

This one was Sally's. Look closely, he's only got 1 foot - the note said he'd been caught in a wind turbine!

My two stripey owls made by Leah (left) & Jenni (right). Jenni put a little bell in hers.

The whole gang, each as unique as the wonderful women who knit them... The footless little guy, second from the right, was made by Ann, btw. (Since the shower, all of the little owls found their feet.) Now, my little parliament of owls sit proudly on a shelf in the living room, waiting for little arms to cuddle and carry them.

In addition to the owls, Leah gave me a huge bag of adorable little outfits left from her girls, Ann gifted some of this organic baby wash, and Sally knit this sweet sweater using a gorgeous shade of Malabrigo.

I think it will look sweet with these legwarmers I made for chubby baby legs.

And, 'cause I know you won't want to wait 'till my next post to see her, a self portrait taken last week,

and a photo of my girl catching up with her daddy after work.

Ok, that's all for now. Not sure how often I'll make it back here, but I'm going to aim for one post each week. Seems like a reasonable goal, anyway! I hope you're enjoying your summers - leave a comment & let me know what ya'll are up to!


  1. Babies get big so fast! It's almost criminal. We celebrated my five-year-old's birthday and I still can't believe I have a five year old. Un-be-leeee-vable! The owls are so sweet - and they look darling all lined up.


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