Baby Gear, Pt. 2

Well, hello there! Sorry for the long absence. I'm feeling really good and all is progressing well, but I have clearly not figured out how to balance rest, exercise, work, chores and projects, and regular blogging. Too bad, really, as there is so much to share! So, why don't we just get right down to business?

I feel like my sewing & knitting output has slowed a bit lately as we've turned our attention more towards cleaning and organizing and making space. Also, I took a little time away from baby knitting to finish the most gorgeous cardigan for Ryan and another cardi for myself. (Hope to get photos of both to share soon!) Here's a look, though, at what I have been able to get done:

Cotton Cloud Romper:

This adorable little outfit is knit in anticipation of keeping Bee warm on chilly winter days. The pattern is from The Expectant Knitter and I made it in the 12 month size with yarn I've had in my stash for ages. The buttons are from Close Knit. More info on my Ravelry page, here. It's a bit of a silly knit, but was very, very satisfying. And the buttons add just the right touch of fun, don't you think? Oh, in looking at the photo I realize that they don't look as orange as they do in person.

Frolicking Kitties Sleep Sack:

You'll recognize this pattern as the same one I featured in this post, from Anna Maria Horner's wonderful book Handmade Beginnings. This little sleep sack turned out to be quite as precious as it's sister.

Of course, I had to accent with a bit of gingham - of which you will be seeing quite a bit of around here.

And here is a closer look at the absolutely adorable fabric. I got it out at FD, from the 50% off section. I couldn't believe my luck in finding such an absolutely adorable print at such a great price! It seemed so perfectly suited to the project. I mean, what better to dream about than happy kitties frolicking in a meadow of flowers?

Changing Pads:

Lex offered to help with some of my baby sewing, so one Sunday afternoon I packed up my machine and supplies and headed to her apartment to make changing pads. Between us, we made this larger pad for use at home and two smaller pads to toss into diaper bags. We used the instructions from Lotta Jansdotter's book Simple Sewing for Baby. (For the larger pad, I increased the dimensions and left off the elastic.) All of the pads are backed in a different gingham.

Here's a closer look at the fabric I used on the larger pad. I think you can just make out the little yellow chicks in the nests below the mama birds...

The next two pads are the ones for taking on the road or serving as a back-up if the at home pad is in the wash. Each pad is constructed of an outer fabric and a lining fabric with a layer of cotton quilt batting in between for a little cushioning.

This is the inside of the pad backed in brown gingham. The little trees made me really happy!

Here's a closer look at them...

And here's a closer look at the fabric from the pad backed in blue gingham. The print is pretty delicate, so I hope you can see the absolutely adorable little animals. There are little squirrels, raccoons, bunnies, mice and chipmunks - so cute! All fabrics came from FD, and with the exception of the ginghams and the bird/nest print, from the 50% shelves. There's some really good stuff back there, people!

Of course, in addition to knocking out 3 projects in an evening, it was fantastic to spend the time sewing with Lex. It felt a bit like an old fashioned quilting bee. I might rope her into helping whip up some receiving blankets and burp cloths, if there is time before Bee's arrival. We've been given a number of such things already, but receiving blankets and burp cloths seem the kind of thing you can never have enough of...

I think that's all I've got for you today. Yesterday I made Ryan's diaper bag, so I hope to have photos very soon. (My diaper bag is next on the sewing list.) Also, I have a really sweet summer outfit for Bee which is just waiting for a last finishing touch or two before it is ready to photograph and share. There will of course be more handknits on their way. I'm just getting ready to cast on for a summer cardi or two and am almost finished with some baby-sized legwarmers. Oh, and there will be baby shower pictures on their way, as well.

So, please bear with me as I work out the balance of doing and sharing! I've only got 7 weeks before her due date and am in a bit of a panic about making our space clean and tidy ready for her arrival. I will really do my best to check in a couple of times each week as we go forward. Before we know it, I'll have the best ever Work-In-Progress to share! Happy weekend!


  1. I do love to be reminded of all the wonderful things she will be wrapped in... made with love by her mama!


  2. LOVE the fabric you used for the sleep sack. The little flowers and kitties are too adorable!

    You certainly are prepared now. Well done!


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