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What a lovely morning! As Ryan and I headed over to the hospital for our ultrasound, we spotted a rainbow out one window and then watched the sun breaking through the clouds out another window. Beautiful.

When we got to the hospital, Hannah (who does the ultrasounds) was running late. She came out to tell us it would still be a while and Ryan said, "It's ok, we've been waiting for months. What's another 15 minutes?" I'm not sure we actually felt that cool, but we faked it and enjoyed some extra time together.

Once we finally got into the little room, we were blown away by how much Baby Bee has changed since our last ultrasound in October. There were 10 fingers and 10 toes and a beautiful spine and quick little heart. We actually saw Baby Bee yawn! I have to go back in for more shots, because Baby Bee refused to show us a profile. Apparently, it was nap time and no amount of poking or coughing could convince Baby to roll over into the necessary position.

Oh, and what else did we find out?

There was something else, I'm sure...

Oh, yeah...

Please excuse the thermals and yoga pants. I'm getting ready to settle in for an afternoon of sewing. I need some new clothes to accommodate this expanding mid-section...


  1. And Baby Bee's grammie is so thrilled to know she may have a second chance at teaching a little one all of the sewing skills she has learned over the years. Then there are tea parties and cooking and mechanics, woodworking, sports, and fishing with her gramps.

  2. so exciting melissa! I have been so busy I haven't visited your blog in a bit, I thought you would have a girl... it just seems so perfectly right! Congrats!


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