Spoiled Rotten

No, I'm not talking about our Halloween Pumpkins, nor that head of cabbage lurking at the back of the veggie drawer....

One week ago today, Ryan, Lex and I were back in Illinois at Mom and Dad's to jointly celebrate my 33rd birthday and Dad's 60th. (Hooray, Dad!) Even though his was a more notable birthday, I'm afraid I was the one who was thoroughly spoiled. We had so much good food, I took a shopping trip in Mom's fabric stash, Mom took me out and bought me some maternity pieces, and then there were the birthday gifts...

Lex gave me this beautiful scarf, which has already seen lots of wear in the last week, and this adorable little notions bag made from tape measures.

Ryan picked all of my gifts up at Little Winter a couple of weekends ago. (It was a fabulous event!) Clockwise from the back left, Abby Try Again's 2011 calendar - gorgeous, a charming piece of found art from the lovely Cori Kindred, a fantastic necklace by Susan of Sulu Design, and the sweetest little hair pins by twigs & honey.

A closer look at the smaller pieces. An aside... Ryan bought me another of Susan's necklaces as an anniversary gift a couple of years ago, and she very kindly delivered it in person. Turns out, she lived just down our street! Not sure it's possible to buy art more local than that!

This fantastic little grouping of cupcake inspired gifts came from Sanna. At the top, a set of 4 silicone robot cupcake holders, some adorable Cupcake Shoppe stationary (they have mustaches!), a strawberry scented pen, and some kick-ass napkins.

Beth sent one of Barbara Kingsolver's early novels (love her!) and a pretty set of sticky notes in a beautiful little box. And I was just saying to Ryan how I'm such a nerd about school and office supplies...

Mom & Dad gave me a collection of maternity sewing patterns, plus the resources to buy myself some fabrics and yarns to fill out my maternity wardrobe and get started on things for Baby Bee. I already bought the most amazing fabric to make that dress on the far right, to wear layered with leggings and cardigans and such.

There were a few other lovely and generous gifts from too-kind friends and family. I am such a lucky girl! I've got to say that I feel especially touched as I had actually forgotten my own birthday! All of our recent busy-ness and planning for Baby Bee on top of the trip to Illinois and my birthday kept slipping right off my radar.

Oh, and I should probably mention another important birthday from last Monday...the first birthday of this humble blog! I had intended to make a big fuss, but I'm afraid we both got a little lost in the hurry of late. Thank you, dear readers, for tuning in over the last year to share my adventures and for providing so much enthusiastic encouragement, support, and feedback!


  1. What a haul! The Bean Trees is one of the best books I have ever read! I am sure you will enjoy it!

  2. What a terrific birthday bash - congrats! And cheers to the blog's "bday" too!

  3. yay! happy birthday melissa (and blog! oh and your dad too!)


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